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Interview challenges
1 Your resume is your marketing tool. So, take efforts to re-write it effectively to mention all your accomplishments. Your resume must create an interest in your potential employer to call you for an interview.
2 Be polite, firm, and communicate with ease in the interviews.
3 Never ever be late for an interview, leave alone not attending a planned interview schedule. This would definitely spoil the interest even before the client meet you.
4 If there is an unavoidable situation inform the parties concerned, client, consultant etc., about your in ability to attend the interview as per the scheduled time and ask for a fresh schedule.
5 Most common, yet very important question in an interview is “Tell me something about yourself”. It is wise to prepare an answer to this standard question as this is an important selling point. Ensure that your answer is concise and relevant. Answer this question keeping in mind the time available for the interview, the type of interview – telephonic or personal, the relevance to your job, the discussion thus far, and so on.
6 Give positive answers always. For example, frame your answers such that it explains how your skills and accomplishments can benefit your employer rather than your personal growth.
7 Create a portfolio of your work whenever possible. This is highly recommended for designers, writers, and artists besides others.
8 Do your homework – have a fair idea of the industry and the employer, their strengths before the interview. At least go through the company Website before going for the interview.
9 Prepare some questions to ask the interviewer regarding the job, company, your growth prospects, and so on.
  Personal effectiveness
1 Time management skills are very essential to be productive. Using To-do lists and prioritizing tasks help performing well even under pressure.
2 Do not keep checking your mail box frequently for incoming mails. This is found to be the most common distraction that affects personal effectiveness.
3 Make full use of schedulers and calendars available to track and monitor your tasks and schedules
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