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Ace Recruitment Solutions  

A global talent search firm, we have proven experience in recruiting the right candidates for the right jobs.

A client-driven company, Ace Solutions takes all efforts to understand your executive search needs for meeting your short term, contract, permanent, or off-shore resource requirements. We apply the right methodology to analyze candidate profiles for compatibility, to skills matching, and long-term contribution.

Our recruitment solutions:

  • Permanent Staffing
  • Flexi Staffing
  • Contingency Staffing
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Partner with us and build your winning team with our recruitment solutions!

Permanent Staffing Solution
We provide a specialized approach to the recruitment of key employees and/or senior management. We "approach" individuals with a good standing rather than relying on long lists of registered applicants - often using privileged industry contacts to draw up a short list. We assure you of the correct fit with very short turn-around-time at all levels of hiring from fresher to top executives in a wide range of domains. Our domain specialists help grade the candidate skills for your requirements.

Flexi Staffing Solutions
Flexible staffing solutions offer great advantage in getting qualified resources for competitive and short duration projects. They give you the flexibility of hiring talent for short term as well as long-term commitments. Ace Solutions offers the following flexi staffing solutions:

  • Temporary staffing with or without the liability of direct hiring
  • Contract staffing for weekly, monthly, or long-term requirements
  • Permatemp staffing where you have the flexibility to convert the temp status of the resource to permanent based on your requirements

Contingency Staffing Solution
Ace solutions can cater to your contingency staffing needs also. You have the flexibility to use our services for ad-hoc and contingency needs without any long-term commitment with us as your recruiters. We leverage our contacts and provide specialist resources giving you the choice to increase or decrease the number of resources and/or time period.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing
More and more companies are opting for the Recruitment Process Outsourcing model for their talent search activities thanks to the distinct benefits offered by this model. Besides other advantages, Recruitment Process Outsourcing completely eliminates the fixed costs involved in the executive search activity by converting them to variable costs.

We take ownership of the complete recruitment life cycle of your organization right from estimating resource needs up to inducting the resources. We ensure that your talent search needs are fully met. Avail our Recruitment Process Outsourcing services and get Ace quality and focus with low-costs.

Our Recruitment Process
Understanding the Client and Requirement
Sourcing and Screening of Resumes
Telephonic/Personal Interview
Grading of Candidates
Forwarding Resumes and Coordinating Interviews
Salary Negotiation and Offer
Post Offer Follow up - KIT


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